High ethical standards, participation, legal safeguards and good-quality care

Caring for people on a compulsory basis demands a great deal of us in a number of respects, for example as regards our attitude and approach to the people we serve. SiS’s ethical guidelines state that the young people and adult clients in our care are to be treated with respect, consideration and clarity. This helps ensure a sense of security and a good working environment.

Within the framework of compulsory care, we offer young people and adult clients opportunities to influence their situation. Everyone has the right to say how they feel and what they want. We have procedures for providing information about and safeguarding the rights of the young people and adults we care for, including mechanisms for dealing with complaints and appeals, as well as provision for them to be involved in planning their own treatment.

We have guidelines on good standards of care, which set out what young people and adult clients have the right to expect in order to feel safe and well looked after.

To get an idea of what the young people and adults in our care see as their problems, and what they think about their care and treatment, we interview them on admission and on discharge. These interviews form the basis for planning each individual’s treatment. They also give us a better understanding of the problems of the young people and adults we receive, and a basis for following up and evaluating the care provided.

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